Mission and Vision of T/CNDC


With recognition of institutional racism and poverty, T/CNDC envisions a neighborhood where all residents have access to stable, affordable housing thereby building a more equitable community.


T/CNDC seeks to maintain the diversity and vibrancy of the Tulane Canal neighborhood through affordable home ownership and community development.


  • Dedication
  • Patience
  • Commitment
  • Positivity
  • Achievable Civility
  • Respect
  • Fairness

Home Ownership is achievable for low income families who have been longtime renters.

  1. T/CNDC meets people where they are.
  2. T/CNDC is a relentlessly positive partner.
  3. T/CNDC is committed to families over the long-term process of moving into home ownership.
  4. T/CNDC believes that the process of building capacity for ownership creates greater stability for families.

Organization History

Tulane/Canal Neighborhood Development Corporation was established in August 2000, by a group of individuals committed to working together to restore and beautify the neighborhood bound by St. Louis, Poydras, Broad Street and Claiborne Avenue. T/CNDC was created to help provide affordable housing opportunities for low-income families and individuals, as well as those threatened by homelessness. We became a 501(c)3 in 2001. In the following years, we rehabbed 2 houses for low income homeowners and 6 homes for seniors or persons with disabilities. Our first home was sold in 2007 and we have developed 15 homes since then. Our homeowners are grandparents, families with young children, families with children who have since become adults and young professionals. All of our homeowners are proud to call Tulane Canal home today!